Cable Tie – Twist to break

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A worldwide patented cable tie for fast, trouble-free and reliable bundling of cables, cable harnesses, hoses, wires and much more in an industrial quality for indoor and outdoor use. The Twist Cable Ties do not require a cutter, side cutters or scissors for shortening, as twisting off is enough to reduce them. No sharp edges after breaking. 100% PA (nylon) manufactured.



Item NumberLength (mm)Width (mm)Max Bundle
Tensile StrengthPackaging
(pcs & bags)
S-1021022.820mm/0.7inch8kgs/18lbs100pcs &
120 bags
Black & White
S-1501502.835mm/1.4inch8kgs/18lbs100pcs &
90 bags
Black & White
M-2002004.647mm/1.9inch22kg/50lbs100pcs &
40 bags
Black & White
M-3003004.678mm/3.1inch22kg/50lbs100pcs &
35 bags
Black & White
L-3603608.092mm/3.6inch54kg/120lbs100pcs &
20 bags
Black & White
L-5045048.0138mm/5.4inch54kg/120lbs100pcs &
15 bags
Black & White

Patent Certification in Taiwan, US, EU, Japan……